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Capitainer qDBS - sampling you can trust

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The Capitainer qDBS sample card is intended for the collection and storing of a fresh whole blood sample of 10 μl as a dried blood spot (DBS).

  • Our products represent world class technology designed for collecting blood at home
  • Passive blood collection in a fixed volume – no additional steps needed by donor or lab

Easy to use

Convenient and quantitative blood sampling at the fingertip (capillary) for everyone, everywhere at anytime. Enables easy and accurate sampling by professionals as well as self sampling by non-professionals.

Proven technology

The established DBS standard has evolved to be quantitative - qDBS.


Precise and accurate sampling

Delivers similar precision and accuracy to assays as from venous blood sampling. Exact sample volume of 10 μl, independent of hematocrit.

Instruction for use

A blood drop from a finger prick (> 18 μl) is  applied to the device. When sampling is completed, the card is closed and place in the return pouch. After transport, the blood sample can  be analyzed in a laboratory to determine the quantitative presence of a targeted compound.

The product has been developed since 2013 and was launched this year in February. 

Have you validated this method, if so, how and what were the results of the validation?​

A large and growing number of analytes are already validated on DBS. Capitainer qDBS facilitates their quantification.

Capitainer qDBS is currently being validated by Karolinska and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm to show that the product can be used for clinical home testing. 1000 Capitainer qDBS were mailed to the general public in Stockholm (ages 20-74) second week of April. Results conclude that 81% managed to do self-collection of blood at home which demonstrates the ease of use and robustness of the product. The results from this study will be presented in the first week of May.

National public service and news:

Capitainer qDBS is also being validated by several public and privately funded laboratories in Sweden, Germany and the US. On top of that, a large number of laboratories are already using DBS for sample collection as it is has been an established sample format since the 1960s. Capitainer qDBS is based on DBS technology.   

How quickly could this be deployed and what are the dependencies?​

As most laboratories already are validating both venous blood as well as DBS, the validation of Capitainer qDBS is very fast.

We have instructions and support materials available for both professional as well as home sampling setup, please see

What is the likely production volume?​

Capitainer can be scaled up to very large production levels with a ramp up period of 12 weeks.

What are the risks and barriers to using this at scale?​

No risks identified or known.

Who are you already partnering with on this?

A number of reports have shown that DBS is possible to be used for antibody analysis.

Capitainer has focused on the quantitative collection demands and started cooperations with:

A home sampling study with Karolinska and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

A home sampling study to be launched with Stanford University, California, USA

A home sampling study to be launched with Harvard Med School, Boston MA, USA

Two health care regions in Sweden for Covid-19 immunity sampling (Umeå and Stockholm).

Three private laboratories in Sweden supporting Stockholm and Västra Götaland with laboratory services.

A private laboratory in Cologne, Germany.

How does this fit into a tracked sample pathway?

Capitainer can be adapted to any laboratory supply chain structure. 

edited on Apr 27, 2020 by Christopher Aulin
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Jo Martin Apr 27, 2020

Does the dissolvable film element interfere with any assay?

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Jo Martin Apr 27, 2020

Status label added: C: Further assessment

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Christopher Aulin Apr 28, 2020

Dear Jo,
We have not seen that in any analyses or studies.
We can identify it on a MS and the compound is called "Patent Blue".

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Bev Matthews Apr 29, 2020

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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Bev Matthews Jun 4, 2020

Hello Christopher, after review the champions would like to thank you for your submission and suggested you contact the high throughput metabolic screening labs with expertise with automated dry blood spot technology. please do contact my colleagues tagged here if you need help with finding them. Thank you Bev

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John Dinan Jul 15, 2020

Dear Bev, Luke & Tom, I hope you are well. My name is John Dinan. I am working for Christopher Aulin & Capitainer, based near Watford, UK. Thank you for your kind advice, and instruction. That said, can I ask you Luke and Tom if you wouldn't mind pointing me in the direction of these HT metabolic screening labs. That would be most helpful. Thank you and very kind regards, John
+ 44 (0) 7525 844431

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Bev Matthews Jul 18, 2020

Hi Tom, could you respond please?

Users tagged:

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Bev Matthews Jun 4, 2020

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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Bev Matthews Jun 4, 2020

Status label added: E: Requires a connection

Status label removed: C: Further assessment

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