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A "Results at Point of Testing" Test for Covid-19 which will Produce 50-100 Results per Test Station per Hour

A: Not for current challenges

Using this test will mean up to 1000 people per day can be tested by a single operative in any location and environment.

If one test station was located in each of hospital in the UK then over 120,000 people could be tested and instantly diagnosed locally rather than having to travel to distant locations.

This would also mean Hospital Staff could be tested every day to check that they are "Covid-19 free" before starting their shift.

This would also mean every Care Home in the country would be able to constantly monitor their residents and should they be found to have the virus, staff can take the appropriate action for them, and to protect the rest of the residents, far earlier than currently.

Thus protecting the vulnerable and saving lives.


Principle Behind the Test:

Based on the precept that everything has a unique electromagnetic signature, it is possible to easily confirm the presence of any pathogen (in this instance Covid-19).

By measuring skin conductivity both before and after the introduction (of an inert sample) of the Covid-19 virus it can be determined whether the virus was already present or was introduced.

If Covid-19 was already present then, logically, the introduction of more Covid-19 should not change the conductivity (as it is already there). From this it can be deduced that the person being tested has got Covid-19.

If conductivity changes than it can be deduced that it is the introduction of the Covid-19 sample that has caused the change (since no other criteria have changed) and the person being tested does not have the virus.



The Test can be carried out in any location and situation from a mass testing station, in hospitals, in care homes and even by individuals in their own homes.

The test takes seconds and the result is instant thus eliminating the need to send off the results, involve multiple staff and send out results to those tested.

Through-put would be between 50-100 subjects per hour from start to finish. That is up to 1000 subjects per test station per day. 

There are over 1200 hospitals and nearly 22,000 Care Homes in the UK. 

The increase in numbers that can be tested and identified as being either infected or clear each day by the use of this test is enormous.

End to end efficiency, speed of testing, and cost savings are obvious.


Have you validated this method, if so, how and what were the results of the validation?

I have been using this method of pathogen confirmation for 13 years in my practice treating chronic conditions such as migraines, IBS, urinary disorders, and skin issues with satisfactory conclusions in over 90% of cases treated.

And, although the above statement will be seen as only anecdotal evidence, it is easy to demonstrate the reproducibility, efficacy, and accuracy of the methodology used.

How quickly could this be deployed and what are the dependencies?

There are 2 key dependencies.

1) The equipment required is made up of easily sourced components so it could be deployed in numbers within a couple of weeks.

2) There is no pre-requite for training in the use of the test equipment as it is both simple to use and understand and collate the results. This means that anyone can be trained to use this test in a very short time.

3) Because of its ease of use and transportability (fits into a small briefcase) it can be used anywhere and in any situation.


What is the likely production volume?​

Production of the test equipment will be able to match requirements, as it simply a case of putting together already standardised components.

What are the risks and barriers to using this at scale?

Since the test is non-invasive and the sample material is inert, the risk of contamination is impossible.

From my 13 years of using this test equipment, I can say with absolute confidence that, as long as the person doing the testing is properly trained, the results will be 100% accurate.

Each Testing kit is fully self-contained and completely portable (fits in a small briefcase) so it can be quickly deployed to any area of the country.

Who are you already partnering with on this?

No one to date


edited on May 6, 2020 by Greg Wimbourne
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Bev Matthews May 23, 2020

Status label added: A: Not for current challenges

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Bev Matthews May 23, 2020

Hello Greg, your idea has been assessed and will not be progress further at this stage but please do look out for future challenges which may be more relevant. Thank you Bev

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Greg Wimbourne May 24, 2020

If you have rejected our solution simply because you "don't think it will work" then please reconsider taking it forward as we are more than happy to pay for the cost of running a trial. All we would need is access to subjects.

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Bev Matthews Jun 11, 2020

Status label added: Additional information

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Greg Wimbourne Jun 11, 2020

Sorry if I am being a bit dense here, but what additional information has been requested and where can I view the request. Thanks.

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Bev Matthews Jun 14, 2020

apologies Greg, my error. Bev

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Bev Matthews Jun 14, 2020

Status label removed: Additional information

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