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Millimetre Wave Spectroscopy for Instant Viral Detection & Identification from Breath or Swab Sample

A: Not for current challenges

A new and novel method for high throughput screening at scale would be though using Millimetre Wave Spectroscopy. Millimetre waves have the potential to detect and identify in real time the unique biological signature of a virus such as SARS-CoV-2, either directly from a breath sample or indirectly from a swab sample. Such a solution has potential for fast-track and could deliver a near instant diagnosis at the point of testing.  

Have you validated this method, if so, how and what were the results of the validation?

Some Private Venture R&D undertaken but financial assistance is necessary to continue

How quickly could this be deployed and what are the dependencies?

Through a fast track programme, it may be possible to establish feasibility in around 6 to 8 weeks. A prototype sensor could be produced in under 6 weeks. Key dependencies would be access to the necessary funding and biological samples at scale for system testing/validation alongside PCR.  

What is the likely production volume?​

100,000 of sensor devices could be produced per month with access to electronic production facilities.

What are the risks and barriers to using this at scale?

Key Risk - A new science

Barrier - Financial investment required to deliver new innovation

Who are you already partnering with on this?

No formal partnering arrangements.

Early team assembled includes; technology experts, medical product experts, chemistry experts 

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Bev Matthews May 23, 2020

Hello Jon, your idea has been assessed and will not be progressed at the moment as it relies on breath testing, the evidence for which is not yet available. Please do keep an eye out for future challenges. Thank you Bev

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Bev Matthews May 23, 2020

Status label added: A: Not for current challenges

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