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Mass swabbing using GoodSAM network & Gamma radiated FDA approved Q tips.


Swab samplings the killer as we all know. Tubes have to go out and come back with zero packaging. Amazon etc already have bar code scanners but they got a day job.. Uber now going back to work..

So how ?  Well there are 750,000 GoodSAM nhs volunteers sitting at home doing nothing!. I know I’m one of them. . Then there are two levels of NHS volunteers ones that are more medical competent who trained in defib etc  Both these could be utilised to expedite getting samples to houses and back in whole population testing.

It’s not beyond the wit of man/women to have the NHS volunteer Driver and Medical volunteer to deliver and pick up tubes in a large "sharpie" type secure tube bin. They give to household, instruct on swabbing, then return to pick up. The house/family would drop it in bio secure bin. So volunteer not touched tube..

The NHS app GoodSAM Responder app already runs the whole process of giving out tasks locations pick up directions instructions.. Just piggy back on the back of it.  See link huge immediate UK coverage.

Return sealed bar coded barrel to Lighthouse lab. Open secure lock, then dump contents of barrel in an  step feeder or bowl feeder to orientate, bar code read, decap and fill with media.. Industry has solutions required, not lab automation.. Not as expensive as single Tecan but huge throughput.  CDC also enquired about bowl step feeding systems to process tubes.

Using “UK volunteering service” not long term sustainable but would work to kill R number.. And test million per day.. Save lives. 

Saliva swab. Q tip. Mass Gamma irradiate Q tips place under tongue for 30 seconds then place in pool tube. Gama irradiation is done by the ton. Cheap and could do million Q tips per day. FDA approves Q-tip-like swabs to allow patient self-testing for COVID-19” FDA already tested.. Then drop into pooled tip tube which is automation friendly.

This all feeds PopMax:

Wuhan new outbreak having to test 11,000,000 in one city alone.. 

Have you validated this method, if so, how and what were the results of the validation?

FDA validates q tips add gamma radiation as QC 

Cotton DNA will not cross contaminate process plus commercial gamma irradiation kills  and sterilises for immediate use..

GoodSAM app already in place and 750,000 volunteers available


How quickly could this be deployed and what are the dependencies?

Little dependancies FDA already approved.. 

Cotton DNA will not cross contaminate process plus gamma irradiation kills it and sterilises for immediate use..

What is the likely production volume?

Q tips vast numbers. 

Cotton DNA will not cross contaminate process plus gamma irradiation kills it and sterilises for immediate use..

What are the risks and barriers to using this at scale?

Zero RISKS TO NOT DOING THIS IS WUHAN having to test 11,000,000 in one city

every day is £2 billion, cost lives, lock down.

Who are you already partnering with on this?

All ready volunteer on GoodSAM so ready to go.

In reality what would it take. Not much. 

Bowl step feeders are industrially common but not in Lab science world.. 

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edited on May 24, 2020 by Jon Curtis
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Bev Matthews May 24, 2020

Status label added: C: Further assessment

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Bev Matthews May 24, 2020

Hello Jon, thank you for your submission, our assessors are looking at this one in a little more detail. we will be in touch again shortly. Bev

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Jon Curtis May 24, 2020

Nose to tail submission. Mass Covid testing

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Jon Curtis May 24, 2020

Nose to tail. Mass covid testing

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Tom Jordan Jul 9, 2020

Thanks Jon. I am going to pass the irradiated Q-tips point to colleagues in the Testing programme's swabs team who will let us know if they pursue this. The population testing I will forward to colleagues working in the surveillance testing pillar for their interest and attention.

Testing Methods team

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Tom Jordan Jul 9, 2020

Status label added: D2

Status label removed: C: Further assessment

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