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Instant result capturing and upload

A: Not for current challenges

We have the rapid test available that have 100% IgG and 96% IgM accuracy capability. These test are produced in South Africa and we have over 500K on the ground in the UK 


The Tess are the finger prick version and the result can be uploaded directly to the Medflow database which can have an API into the DHSC or PHE database to hep with testing. 

If the result returns a positive IgM result then we can push the panic button and pally for a lab based PCR. 

Using this method saves in kit cost and most importantly, Lab time so that we can push our resource to find the actual inoculation or vaccine. 

Have you validated this method, if so, how and what were the results of the validation?

Yes, we have validated this in multiple local care homes, Test were administered in an afternoon, results uploaded to the portal, and people that were currently carrying the virus were treated accordingly. 

The only thing that was missing was the amity for the DSHC or the PHE to read the results of the testing. This has been an available method for the care home system for quite a while now. And actual 2 out of the 3 homes we tested, were able to manage their patient better without any casualties. 

How quickly could this be deployed and what are the dependencies?

We could roll this out in a matter of days. All we need is the green light from the government. 

We could even give other test providers with the same accuracy results (so not to water the data) access to the portal in order to compile a full set of data. 

What is the likely production volume?​

Medflow kits - 100,000 per day if we take into account the one other provider we are aware of in the UK, we can double that. 

What are the risks and barriers to using this at scale?

Only barrier we are aware of is the possibility of people using the counterfeit kits that are currently on the market. 

The cost associated to this service is literally approx £25.00 per test including shipping. Once nite, the control is at the mercy of the clinical management who need to test and upload the data. 

Who are you already partnering with on this?

At the moment we have a distribution network through Europe and in the USA where our kit is FDA approved. 

This can be scaled back. 

We are ready to go and are actually begging to help. 

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Andrew Hamlett May 15, 2020

I forgot to mention that you get a complete accurate result in 10 minutes.

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Andrew Hamlett May 15, 2020

And already CE and FDA approved.

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Bev Matthews May 23, 2020

Hello Andrew, your idea has been assessed and recommended for referral via the Triage site. I have tagged my colleague Luke to share the link with you

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Bev Matthews May 23, 2020

Status label added: A: Not for current challenges

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Andrew Hamlett May 25, 2020

Morning Bev

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Andrew Hamlett May 25, 2020

I was wondering if I could get a better reason as to why my (although written in haste) project is not fit for purpose.

We have the ability to help the DHSC test 100K people in care homes, healthcare, private sector staff per day, and upload the results to the DHSC immediately. With less than a 0.3% false pos/neg result and a 100% specificity IgG & 96% IgM.

We are already working with hundreds of clients in the UK and across Europe and all we require is a link into somewhere to provide the results too.

I am wondering if there is more to the apprehension to adopt rapid testing than just government laziness?

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Luke Wainwright May 29, 2020

Dear Andrew,

Many thanks for sharing the information above regarding a COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test kit. As this information does not relate to the testing methods campaign, but is nevertheless of interest to the wider COVID-response, please refer to the 'supply complete testing methods' section on the following webpage:

Kind regards,

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