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COVID19 Mobile Testing and Analysis Laboratory

Given the recent (and ongoing) issues with COVID19 testing availability, I thought I would put forward a potentially valuable tool for the government in the fight against the COVID19 pandemic.

My business partners in South Africa - Axiology Labs (along with other stakeholders), have developed a fully mobile COVID19 PCR (antigen) and antibody testing laboratory built into a shipping container.  This can be mounted to a regular articulated lorry and taken directly to the areas of greatest need, thus eliminating unecessary travel for people with suspected symptoms and consequentially helping to slow the spread.

The mobile laboratory is a fully equiped turnkey solution designed according to WHO guidelines.  A significant advantage of this solution is that tests do not need to be sent to another laboratory for analysis and results are typically available within 90 minutes.

These laboratories are available now and could be deployed and fully operational in the UK within 6-8 weeks.  These are backed-up with a robust supply chain for instrumentation, consumables, reagents and kits ensuring reliable and rapid testing of 15,000 people per week, per laboratory.  The instrumentation provided isn't tied to one type of antigen or antibody test; so as technology inevitably evolves and tests improve, the instrumentation can be easily reconfigured to take advantage of new tests.  Furthermore, the equipment isn't limited to COVID19 testing, it can also be easily reconfigured for antigens and antibodies for other diseases (swineflu, birdflu etc.), so these laboratories could be repurposed for other disease outbreaks in future.

I have attached a PDF brochure and a specimen proposal based on running costs for 15,000 tests per week.  Costs may vary from those indicated in the proposal, I included this simply to give an idea of the likely costs.

I would welcome any questions or feedback.

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