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Viral Sign Scanning, Helps identify COVID and Influenza 6-7 days before symptoms appear

We have a technology solution that helps identify COVID 19 and other influenza viruses up to 6 days before symptoms appear. This is the only pre-symptomatic solution on the market. Scan takes 2 seconds to complete. Temperature scanning does not work to identify COVID or influenza in employees that do not show any symptoms. For those people that do show symptoms (including temperature) they can be contagious with COVID for several days before their bodies express it through temperature, thus creating an opportunity to spread it to others.


This is an infrared PRESYMPOTMATIC SaaS screening technology that can help detect viruses (including COVID 19) in less than two seconds.  This is NOT a temperature check. Originally developed in 2004 to detect SARs and Influenza-like illness, the Viral Sign’s AI technology is in use around the world.   Major brands and key clients are nursing homes, auto, paper, and food manufacturing facilities, Colleges and Universities, K-12 schools, sports venues, and distribution facilities.


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