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EasyCOV; a rapid, non-invasive saliva-based COVID-19 detection test based on LAMP technology - only requires a heat source and basic scientific training, results in 40 minutes and can read-by-eye

What is EasyCOV?

Please follow the link below to access detailed information regarding EasyCOV; our rapid, non-invasive saliva-based COVID-19 detection test


EasyCOV has been developed in France by a company called SkillCell and Generon Ltd is an exclusive UK and Ireland distributor.

The test uses loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) technology for the qualitative detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in saliva samples with a 40 minute turn-around time.


Why choose EasyCOV?

- One of the most patient compliant COVID-19 tests on the market

- Easy to use and does not require a visit to a medical laboratory

- High analytical sensitivity (97%) and specificity (100%)

- Results in 40 minutes

- Simple visual test result interpretation by colour recognition

- Option to monitor test procedure via the EasyCOV Reader app for contactless administration of results


How is EasyCOV performed?

- Saliva collection with a suitable device provided (pasteur pipette

- Transfer of saliva into a first pre-conditioned tube and incubated at 80°C for 10min

- Transfer of the tube to a second dry bath at 65°C for 30min

- Addition of a small quantity of a solution supplied

- Immediate visual reading of the colour of the tube contents:

Orange: COVID-19 negative test

Yellow: COVID-19 positive test

 - app reporting for effective data management

How quickly could this be deployed and what are the dependencies?


EasyCOV is available now and has already been implemented by private testing labs across Europe (and outside of Europe).


How effective EasyCOV can be relies on its two dependencies; 1) the number of heating devices available and 2) the number of medical staff available.

1) The test requires a heat source (65°C & 80°Cusing a dry block incubatorCrucially these devices are a very common, inexpensive pieces of equipment in all laboratories and is readily available from many scientific equipment suppliers, including Generon Ltd.

2) A standard dry block incubator from Generon Ltd can hold up to 54 samples at any one time. We predict a single user to be able to manage two to four incubators at one time, resulting in a throughput of ~54-162 samples per 45-60 minutes. The first heating step is 10 minutes and the second is 30 minutes so the throughput is very dependent on number of technicians and devices available.

The test should be performed in a relatively clean environment using standard PPE and not in open air.


What is the likely production volume?

Currently 10,000 tests per week and can be 50,000 immediately on demand. Can be scaled up to several hundred thousand as required.

What are the risks and barriers to using this at scale?


The initial barrier would be the availability of heating devices. However, the vast majority of laboratories across the world already have these on site. To scale up, the heating devices are readily available from many life science manufacturers, including Generon Ltd, and are inexpensive.


Who are you already partnering with on this?


Generon (& Clinisciences group)



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