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Revolutionary invention of a Covid-19 Test and Trace System for maximum effectiveness freeing Health Service Staff time

This proposal is for your consideration to implement invention of a Robotic Manager which can take over complete end to end management of Covid-19 Test And Trace System most effectively freeing time of the NHS Staff. For your information, this idea has been accepted by the USA HHS for their consideration which is confirmed by an email as shown in the uploaded image.


This is a computerised system resembling a Robotic Manager which can take over full responsibility of managing current Covid-19 Test and Trace System of a country most efficiently after each and every registration of Covid- 19 positive test case freeing time of the NHS staff. It is recently granted patent in the USA (US10467571) substantiating its originality, practicality and benefits at present time.

Although the computerised system has been designed to cater for all types of operations in all organisations and businesses, this can be implemented specifically for Covid-19 Test and Trace System much more rapidly by a competent software company. 


In a nutshell, specifically for the Test and Trace system under Covid-19 pandemic, this computer ridden robotic manager will be linked to all mobile networks with authorisation to trace all contacts of any mobile number. When a patient is confirmed positive after Covid-19 test, immediately the robotic manager will take over, find their appropriate contact details from the relevant network and send notifications to them and corresponding enforcement authorities about necessary quarantine requirement instantly. If the contacts do not send their updates to the computerised system timely, the enforcement authority will be informed and if they also do not respond within reasonable time, then a designated high authority already set up in the system will be informed for taking necessary action or advise the robotic system what to do next.


The computerised robotic system works in 24x7 real time and the actions are instantaneous no matter how many cases are handled simultaneously which is the biggest advantage of a fully automated computerised system operating in “Machine Dictates Man” mode over the current slow “Man-Machine Interface” mode of operation.

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