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A greener COVID-19 test

by Taran Panchal | Nov 14, 2020 | in Greener testing

The product we are developing is at home Covid-19 and other winter respiratory viruses Diagnostics test kit. The product is uses colorimetric RT-LAMP assay and produces the results in less than 30 minutes. Our product has multiplexing capability with built in internal controls for the test validation.The use and throw test kit is self-contained, and environment green. The test kit is affordable for frequent testing so the general population, high risk workers and Army at remote places can all have a test as and when needed, the test can be performed in home environment, Schools, Offices, Care Home or remote clinics. Users either use a Mobile App or follow the instruction printed on the test box to know the presumptive test results. The test kit when used with Mobile App could also generate the test certificate for safe fly for the international travelers.

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