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Seki tried and tested Health Solution

Using mobile phone cameras (no need to buy new technology and we can offer a kiosk solution as well for those with no mobile phones, for travel hubs and airports etc where the virus could gain international connections) we can measure blood Oxygen saturation, heartbeat, respiration rate and other metrics to assess the likelihood of infection.  The results are available in 2 minutes via our application and this will reduce the impact of timing to test reduce exposure of those conducting the tests and allow better remote management of patients assisting the MHS deal with priority patients and getting individuals with early covid signs to isolate and not spread it .  This could be a very impactful solution for mass testing (maybe even backed up with confirmatory testing for those showing warning signs).


test are carried out by the end user and are valid for 24 hours then they test again .  If they test before leaving the house for work or school they could contribute massively to the control of the spread by staying at home before infecting others.  No resources would be required to transfer virus no delays in testing samples there is no invasion with swabs (or privacy as this is not facial recognition) it is more efficient greener  and could fuel a rekindling of the economy as venues and offices could have the solutions and ony let in fully healthy people.

The confidence boost this gives users is amazing and allows social interaction again in a more normal fashion not by zoom!


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