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Simpler and Safer Sample Prep for nCoV-2 Whole Genome Sequencing

A new SARS-CoV-2 Whole Genome Sequencing Kit for Illumina sequencing with novel amplicon sequencing sample prep method that combines target amplification and NGS indexing into a single PCR step.

Following the single PCR step all samples can be pooled for a single clean up step, before standard QC checks and they are ready to sequence. 

This mean greatly reduced hands on time for technicians prepping samples and thus potentially increased sample throughput.

Less handling steps means less risk of contamination or sample mix up, greater safety and reassurance.
Suited for Automation
Result show high correlation with existing ARTIC PCR method, with much easier workflow.

Compatible with any low- and mid throughput illumina® NGS sequencer of the latest generations: iSeq®, MiniSeq®, MiSeq®, NextSeq®, in combination with 2x150 bp paired-end read chemistry.

96 and 384 sample kit versions available. 

Up to 5 x 96 Unique Dual Index sets available.

The recommended read depth would 50-100K reads per sample. for more details or contact 


edited on Jan 22, 2021 by Steve Garside
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