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Do away with swabs

We advise our patented saliva collection tubes - and does not require swabs to be painfully inserted into nasal and oral cavities. Apart from this and more importantly, our novel testing platform can conduct upto 200,000 tests per day. 

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N Chetty

Altrincham, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Sep 24, 2020

Bio Venkatesh N Chetty - International Pharmaceutical and Healthcare professional with almost 3 decades of experience, in technology licensing and business development. I have been fortunate to have a network which introduces me to new technologies regularly from around the world. Recently it has introduced me to a unique testing technology for COVID 19 tests, which delivers a whopping 200,000 tests per day. I look forward to connect to the NHS / Govt / Private players to discuss and help the community overcome this pandemic at the earliest.


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