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S4 Multiplex COVID-19/ MERS-CoV/Influenza A/B ( Uses stool, saliva, sputum )

 S4 can detect four viruses - COVID-19/MERS/Influenza A/Influenza B, all this in just 15 min without the use of any equipment or trained technicians. Hence our test can differentiate between FLU and SARS-CoV-2 in just fifteen min that too from Saliva/Sputum/Stool.     Saliva/Sputum/Stool based antigen tests offer far greater advantages over the traditional antigen tests - not only from comfort side but also from epidemiological understanding side. Here we can even detect cases which...

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Gmate - Magnetic Immunoassay (MIA) Technology

Gmate COVID-19 Point of Care Test kits comes under Magnetic Immunoassay (MIA) technology, uses magnetic force assisted electrochemical sandwich immunoassay (MESIA). The advantage is it provides higher sensitivity and accuracy equivalent to PCR. No laboratory, transporter or researcher required.

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