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The use of the compact Mic qPCR cycler for rapid deployment by Mike Slinger @ BMS

The use of the compact Mic qPCR cycler for rapid deployment of remote Covid-19 diagnostic testing. This plug-and-play 48-sample real time RT-PCR platform is extremely compact at 15 cm cubed, robust for transport, and never requires calibration. It is in use within NHS laboratories, and also around the world in remote locations in disaster relief efforts. It outperforms traditional "gold standard" PCR systems whilst costing under £10,000. More details can be found...

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D1: Path Lab Bulletin

PCR-AI Solution shared by Mark Zuckerman at KCH is a machine learning system used at KCH that enables high throughput COVID-19 PCR interpretation, monitoring and reporting which is essential for high volumes of data. In under three minutes, results from the thermocycler are available for the patient. Patented AI ensures accuracy of results and standardisation ensures results from different equipment and labs can be compared - all in real-time. Complete QC monitoring further ensures reliability of results. These will then be sent to...

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D3: Catalogue of Resources

Rapid (20 minute) desk top RT PCR analyser (VitaPCR) by Menarini Diagnostics

Menarini Diagnostics has introduced a rapid molecular assay that identifies the target virus from patients infected with SARS-CoV-2  and can aid in the effective control of the global outbreak.  Weighing just 1 kg, this small compact unit is ideal to be deployed in POCT scenarios such as A&E, Critical Care, Clinics, Surgeries, Testing Pods, Drive Through Centers, etc.  The analyser has an integrated bar code reader to scan in each test reagent pack for further ease of use.  Positive and...

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