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Samba II, developed by Cambridge University Hospitals with Diagnostics for the Real World,

POC desktop testing is possible with SAMBA II - a platform originally designed to measure HIV viral load. This technology has been extensively field tested in Africa and now adapted to detected COVID-19 with high sensitivity and specificity.

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Beads based method for RNA extraction

This is a Binding Buffer that we use to purify RNA: Reagent Volume/amount Final concentration Guanidine hydrochloride 23.88g 5 M Water to 30 ml   Isopropanol to 50 ml 40% Tween 20 25 µl 0.05% 3M sodium acetate 2 ml 115 mM Add salt to a falcon tube. Fill up with water to 30 ml. Mix to dissolve the salt (if necessary heat it in the microwave very briefly). Fill...

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