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company developing viral inactivation media needs other labs to help validate

We have developed a viral inactivation media and this is with PHE at the moment and validation work starts next week.   We have done this so far out of company funds.  What I am looking for is more labs to validate.  Can you help us with this?Jenny Murray <>   Many thanks   Jenny   Jenny Murray Managing Director  Life Science Group Ltd

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Hotshot method

the hotshot method in the paper attached for extraction for our daily PCR 

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does having native antigens make a difference here?

In February 2020, The Native Antigen Company became one of the world’s first suppliers to release commercially-available SARS-CoV-2 antigens . Since then, our scientists have been hard at work, extending our coronavirus range to support the research and development of urgently-needed diagnostics and vaccines. Our antigens are produced using our proprietary, VirtuE  (HEK293) expression system, which ensures full glycosylation and proper folding, to ensure full biological and antigenic...

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Lab Rats The Seven Nighter

has this episode of the BBC sitcom from the last decade just come to life?

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