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AusDiagnostics Multiplex PCR

The current AusDiagnostics SARS-2 test (Cat 20081) is already multiplexed and detects Flu A (with genotyping  to H3 or pd2009H1), Flu B and RSV as well as sample adequacy. We have now incorporated the SARS-2 assay into our other respiratory multiplex panels, such as Respiratory Pathogens C which detects 16 respiratory viruses and bacteria. These are already available for use on the AusDiagnostics MT-PCR High Plex systems.  We would be interested to know if it was useful to incorporate the...

D1: Path Lab Bulletin

NWLP - Extraction-Free protocol

The team at Charing Cross Hospital have developed a simple protocol using heat inactivation of the virus, followed by direct PCR on the AusDiagnostics High-Plex platform. The initial protocol has used S.P.S. buffer from Serosep, but additional experiments have shown that this is not essential and can be replaced with readily available alternatives. Have you validated this method, if so, how and what were the results of the validation?​ The method has been validated - please see the...

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