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Precise control of SARS-CoV-2: Endpoint and pooled sequencing

With the current SARS-CoV-2, mutational evolution and escape will happen in response to native immunity and vaccine induced immunity. We need to move from individual test, track and trace to community based active sampling of boroughs/postcodes/households.  Weekly swabbing, pooled or endpoint RNA / sequencing; and targeted quarantine with antibody surveillance of positive pools or households.  Mass vaccination in a staggered manner only increases the risk of sequential vaccine escape...

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Bubble pooled testing

Lesser number of swabs = lesser quantity use of plastics + paper + reagents + sundry consumables = greener diagnostics  Isolation, Track and Trace are all under the principles of contacts bubbles. So how about bubble pooled testing for asymptomatic monitoring of household, workplace clusters and ID traced bubbles tracked and isolated for local lockdowns during any secondary surges?

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NHS Mass PCR Screening Pillar - Pilot for screening all 8000 staff at East Kent: 3CR end-point PCR as a mass PCR screening covid

Asymptomatic transmission of SARS CoV-2 is a recognised driver of current SARS CoV-2 prevalence and transmission in the community. A recent meta-analysis from Bern reported the symptomatic phase transmission accounts only for about 30% of onward transmission whilst the major contribution for sustained community transmission comes from pre-symptomatic category accounting for 40-50% and true asymptomatic through the entire initial virus exposure accounting for a further estimated 10% of...

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Postal service self sampled serum and saliva covid-19 antibody testing

A postal self-sampling kit service for validated serum, saliva antibody tests can be an efficient way of accessing and operating mass community level antibody protection assessment. This will help reduce the logistics of organising specific sample collection centres. Furthermore, this could feed into the stated megalabs infrastructure with prioritisation along the lines of 1) Key workers return to work 2) Community members' covid-19 immunity assessment for targeted release from...

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Pooled samples staff monitoring in Covid-19 care areas as part of Triple lock - starve the virus [regular covid frontline staff screening + all inpatient admission screening + every 7 days inpatient screening]

Health care worker exposure to out-of-criteria covid-19 clinical features is perhaps more common than anticipated. There is increasing clinical frontline reports of covid cases presenting as upper respiratory tract infection (rhinosinusitis, anosmia) without any fever or sore throat or shortness of breath and potentially transmitting to health care workers and nosocomially to other patients. There is heightened anxiety amongst staff.  Where diagnostic capacity challenges lay, the idea is...

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Samuel Moses

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Bio Samuel Moses MRCP FRCPath (Virology) Consultant in Virology and Infection, Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Kent Head of Service - Microbiology East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust TN24 0LZ Direct Line: 01233 616788 Extn: 7236788 Work Mobile: 07917077506 Admin: 01233 616760 PS. For meeting requests, please contact Jo in the first instance on or Geraldine on geraldine.allen3@nh


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