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One tip covid testing 90% less consumables

Current rtPCR requires ten tip plus. Direct PCR uses one tip. One plate 90% less consumables

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Mutiplex Virus ProbeSure PACE assays 1,000,000 per day

This is not an idea this is a methodology that has been working for 20 years at mass throughput 1.5 million per day, been validated by over 4000 publications describing the process. End Point genotyping has been carried out on 400+ genomes routinely on over 1,000,000’s+ amplicons targets in mass throughput SNP genotyping sciences for since late 1990's. All using mass water bath PCR. All in an...

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Mass swabbing using GoodSAM network & Gamma radiated FDA approved Q tips.

Swab samplings the killer as we all know. Tubes have to go out and come back with zero packaging. Amazon etc already have bar code scanners but they got a day job.. Uber now going back to work.. So how ?  Well there are 750,000 GoodSAM nhs volunteers sitting at home doing nothing!. I know I’m one of them. . Then there are two levels of NHS volunteers ones that are more medical competent who trained in defib etc  Both these could be utilised to expedite getting samples to houses and back in...

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A: Not for current challenges

PopMax testing whole country.

**We are non profit no affiliation no personal gain**.   Using end point pcr allows mass pcr in the millions per day easily. Proven at Kbioscience LGC every day for last 15 years. 1.5 million pcr tests per day every day. We have 100% concordant data from Lighthouse rtPCR covid samples and reagents to prove this approach.  Also on Antibody test we accept a smudge YES/NO answer but on RNA rtPCR test we are told we clinically need a curve telling us how much then throw data away to give the...

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E: A connection is helpful

sudo rtPCR Ultra high throughput + Non clinical mass surveillance testing.

It is pretty clear from the Mega labs that using slow methodical clinical  equipment  will  severely  rate limit any purposeful  surveillance testing.  Just not enough abi7500's in the country or world. The abi7500's in the Mega labs cant go to 384!. Need to be way above 200,000+ Just hitting 100k is not enough to accurately come out speed up slow down lock down.  End point pcr is hugely scalable. Kbioscience/LGC processed 1.5 million PCR's per day for gene absence/presence testing....

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